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Why Use a Junk Car Removal Service in Nassau County?

Don’t let an old car that won’t run take up space and slowly rust. Here are a few benefits of junk car removal in Nassau County:

  • Free up space
  • Hassle-free removal
  • Instant cash
  • No additional costs

At Gershow Recycling, we offer cash for scrap cars in Nassau County. When repairs become too much to handle, you may find yourself stuck with a car, truck, or SUV that won’t go anywhere.

Instead of paying someone to haul your car, you can get cash for your car in Nassau County. We offer a quick, simple junk car removal service, allowing you to get rid of an old vehicle and earn some fast cash.

Selling us your junk car ensures that you receive something for it before letting it go. Our convenient process allows you to get rid of your old junker, receive some cash, and get back to your day. There are no additional costs or hassles. Contact us now to sell your junk car!

Are you looking for a “cash for cars” or auto salvage company that is actually located in Nassau County?

Do you have a vehicle that you just want to sell fast? Is something broken, or maybe it even wrecked? We buy all kinds of junk or salvage cars and/or trucks. Sell your vehicle in Nassau County today – whether it runs or not. We have actual locations throughout Suffolk, Nassau, and Brooklyn. We have been providing the Nassau County communities with auto salvage and junk car removal services for over 5 decades!

We ARE the actual recycler, We are not a middle man and therefore we can pay you TOP DOLLAR for your car and truck.

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Top Junk Cars Buyers in Nassau County

We are the leading auto salvage company in the area. You can depend on us for the best offer. We buy any car, SUV, truck, bus, or van, no matter its condition. Discover some of the reasons why we are the most trusted choice for cash for junk cars in Nassau County:

  • Over fifty years of experience
  • Convenient, simple process
  • Trusted, local business
  • No additional costs

Call, text, or use the online form to sell your junk car in Nassau County!

How Does it Work?


  1. Fill Out Our Form-Fill on Website
  2. We Propose a Price to You
  3. Schedule A Pickup
  4. Sold & Towed Away
That’s it! The only work you need to do is get in touch with us. Find Out More

We buy thousands of vehicles from people like you all over Nassau County every year!

We buy any car, truck, van, bus, or SUV. No matter what kind of condition it’s in, we will pay cash for your vehicle. It’s quick and easy for you, we will send a tow truck to your location at no cost to you. And best of all we PAY YOU INSTANTLY and tow your vehicle away.

NO TITLES ARE NEEDED for any vehicle make or model over 8 years old

To get a quote from us – you can call us, or email us, or fill out the form on this website. Call us at 516-900-6480 or fill out the online quote form. If you fill out the quote form, please let us know how you want us to send you the quote through phone, text, or email. We will try to accommodate you needs and do that quickly.

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